Magic Vials


A Pac-Man of magic vials for little ones


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Magic Vials is a fun game that lets kids play the classic Pac-Man, but with a tweak: instead of Pac-Man you've got little ghosts that have to collect magic vials and avoid getting eaten by other ghosts.

Your little gamer has five lives, one minute, and the task of collecting all the potions before they disappear while escaping the monsters and getting all the needed colors. Before time's up they'll need nine different recipients, and after that as many as possible to boost their final score.

To level up you have to be fast and make sure no bad guys touch you – otherwise you'll lose a life and have to carry on collecting vials from there. But if you lose all your lives you've got to start the level all over again. Oh, and you'll have the help of a laser pistol in trying to beat the mission.

The more levels you beat the faster the bad guys start to come at you and the harder it gets to level up. But keep playing and you'll develop the skill you need to elude the swooping ghosts that chase after you.
By Erika Okumura
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